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RMHCDC Community Events Policies and Guidelines

We are excited to work with you on your fundraising event in support of  Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Greater Washington, DC (RMHCDC) and help raise support for the families we support.

Please read the following policies, guidelines, and ways we can help make your fundraising event a success. Then, complete the Community Event Application to get started.

Policies & Guidelines:

  1. The use of the logo, letterhead, and/or name Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Greater Washington, DC or RMHCDC may not be used in any way by any individual or organization to solicit prizes, sponsorship, underwriting or cash donations from another organization in order to support the fundraising event, promotion or sale without prior written permission from the organization or a representative.
  2. Due to limited resources, we are not able to offer the following actions in support of your event: solicit prizes; provide mailing lists or contact information for our supporters, staff, families, or vendors; and we cannot process any credit cards onsite. A link for accepting donations online can be provided at your request.
  3. The organizer must complete this agreement to register the fundraising event with RMHCDC at least four (4) weeks in advance of the event.
  4. Event organizers may not offer, on behalf of RMHCDC, free tickets, advertising, or publicity.
  5. Contributions to RMHCDC are tax-deductible less the value of goods and services received. This must be stated on the event invitation or promotion. Items sold at the event are not tax-deductible and sales tax must be charged.
  6. RMHCDC cannot guarantee media coverage for your event. Contact with the media about the event or promotion may be made, provided that the host communicates with RMHCDC about or regarding contacts or arrangements. We will do what we can to help to promote your event and fundraising efforts!
  7. RMHCDC is not responsible for providing liability insurance for the event. Event organizers shall indemnify and hold harmless Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Greater Washington, DC from liabilities, losses, and expenses arising from the event or promotion.
  8. RMHCDC cannot serve as the fiscal agent for the event, i.e. the charity cannot provide startup costs, underwrite expenses, invoice sponsors, or provide funding or reimbursement for event expenses. The event organizer is responsible for covering all expenses for their event. In addition, event organizers must comply with all local and state laws and purchase any necessary permits and licenses.
  9. RMHCDC cannot guarantee employees and/or volunteers will be available to attend the event. Requests for staff/volunteer assistance at the event should be made at the time of the proposal, as early as possible. We will do our best to support your event.
  10. RMHCDC reserves the right to approve additional benefactors which are considered.
  11. When hosting a ticketed event, a minimum of seventy-five (75) percent of the gross proceeds of the event must be donated to RMHCDC. A financial statement must be presented, along with the proceeds, within thirty (30) days of the event’s conclusion. The expenses for your event should not exceed 25% of your total revenue.
  12. Third Party events or fundraising programs must present a positive image for RMHCDC. Event materials should state, “Proceeds will benefit families cared for by Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Greater Washington, DC.” If only a percentage of the proceeds will be benefiting RMHCDC, please note that portion on your materials.
  13. All promotional materials must be approved by RMHCDC before produced and distributed. Our logo cannot be changed in any way because it is a registered trademark.
  14. Contributions may be tax-deductible. If individual donors want a tax receipt from RMHCDC. Within 30 days of the event, all checks should be made payable to and submitted to: Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Washington, DC c/o Admin, 3312 Gallows Road, Falls Church, VA 22042.

Ways We Can Help:

RMHCDC’s ability to offer services for third party fundraising events is limited by staff size. However, we can serve as a resource for ideas and advice to make your event a success.

  • Offer guidance on event planning.
  • Use of RMHCDC’s name and logo as appropriate upon review of event materials.
  • Provide a letter of support to be used to validate the authenticity of the event if needed.
  • Provide informational materials about RMHCDC.
  • Provide tax receipts to donors
  • Suppress names of donors who do not wish to be contacted. You must submit a list of accurate names and addresses at the time of the donation.
  • Attempt to provide, but not guarantee, an RMHCDC representative at your event.
  • Attendance at the event and/or reception to receive proceeds by a member of the RMHCDC staff may be possible, based on availability and scheduled in advance.

Please accept these policies and guidelines by clicking below and then completing the Community Event Application.

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